Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Active Stress Busting

Physical fitness is the cornerstone of all wellness. Developing and maintaining an active lifestyle is critical to your chance of success in all endeavours.

Exercise can actually increase your stress threshold. This means you can handle more stress when you maintain an active lifestyle.
Physical exercise is one of the most powerful “drugs” you can give yourself to keep your mind and body going strong.

Go for a walk, join a kick boxing class, dance at home. It is important to exercise for good health and well being, not just to lose weight. Choose things you enjoy - it is not meant to be a punishment! It is about developing a lifestyle that brings you pleasure.

You might want to try working out in the morning at the fitness centre before classes so you can feel energized for the day.

When you understand how important physical activity is to a strong, healthy mind, you will never again decide you don’t have time for exercise because you have too much studying to do!

This site has a wealth of knowledge on just how the mind and body are intricately connected and on how powerfully exercise impacts our quality of life.


At this site you can go to the physical section for good ideas on different types of exercise.


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