Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleep away your Stress

TIP of the week
Journaling – writing down your feelings and thoughts can be especially helpful if you have difficulty sleeping – write before bed and be intentful – ie let yourself know you are releasing all your worries through your pen onto the paper so your mind can be free for deep, restful sleep.
To ease your body into sleep, tense and relax all your muscle groups sequentially. Start with your toes, move to your calves, then your knees and thighs, and keep going until you get to your face.

Sleep. Who Needs It?

Sleep is one of the best ways to manage stress levels but often for students there are so many more interesting things to do with your time than sleep, right? You have classes and assignments and tests. Maybe you have a job as well. You've got to spend some time with friends and have some fun; and staying fit takes some time too. Now, when exactly is there time for sleep?

As you get further into the school year, you may notice you have a shorter fuse? Get irritated by very small annoyances? Can't seem to focus for long? Reach for sugary treats or coffee more often to give you a quick boost? Can't get those assignments done as easily as you did before?

Sleep is one of most basic human needs for reenergizing. Sleeping and eating disorders are becoming more prevalent among college age students. Sleep deprivation can hurt academic performance and increase stress. Sleep requirements vary for each individual but studies show college students need more than 8 hours/night! No kidding.
Students are all familiar with the “cram before the exam” strategy. And it may seem as if that is the only way you passed that test last week. In the short term, it may have helped you pass but in the long-term, you will most likely have to relearn all that material for the finals. Without consistent, good sleep patterns, the brain cannot consolidate and retain information.
If you feel you have good habits, but still struggle with sleep, check in with the health centre or with one of our counsellors.

Look in the Sleep and Wellness section on this site for great tips on getting a good night’s sleep.

10 Sleep Tips from a variety of doctors

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