Thursday, July 10, 2008


Stress Tip

Try this little shower tip to reduce pain and stress. In the shower, grab your hair close to your scalp and tug up to release tension. Rub your fingers in small circles over your entire head to stimulate blood flow.

Here are just a few samples of information from Jon KabatZinn. He is a world leader in mindfulness based relaxation techniques. YouTube offers a six-part series that contains priceless insights and information. The quotes listed below are from the YouTube six part video series.
“The level of stress being seen at this time is incredible – the digital age has sped up our lives to levels the Human Being cannot tolerate. We have less time than ever for ourselves.”
“Stress manifests as diseases, chronic pain.”
“We need to participate in our own well being – there are limits to what medicine and medical practitioners can do for us.”

“The heart of stress reduction is actually reorienting yourself to know who it is you are and be present to your life as it is unfolding- that is the door into health.”
“We may not even live in our own bodies. We are wired to the outside world but are very disconnected from our inner life.”
“We actually spend a lot of time cultivating mind states like anger, impatience, mindlessness.”
“Practicing dropping into just breath awareness is the least interesting part of the practice but it is strengthening the ability to access patience, relaxation, awareness, mindfulness in “regular life.” It helps you deal with the catastrophes, the pain of being human. You can actually grow the capacity for stability and calmness of mind. Your life is your practice really.”

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