Thursday, December 11, 2008

Your Body Talks to You

Stress Tip

Get clues from your physical body as to how you are doing emotionally - unusual body aches that don’t go away – if you pay attention early on, you can usually connect some thoughts that are causing them and take the steps necessary to remedy the situation.

The Body/Mind Connection

Back in the day, people thought of their body and mind as very separate entities. We are now much more aware of the intricate connections. Our body deals with stress through both conscious and unconscious pathways which we are not always aware of. A thought in our mind leads to a reaction from our nervous system.

You might get a message from our body that you are feeling very fearful about a presentation to the class. You might get the “butterfly” feeling in your gut, feel sweaty, even nauseous. You can tell yourself, “I’m fine, I’m well prepared, there is no reason to be nervous.” This is a good way to talk back to your body to soothe it with thoughts that can challenge your brain's belief that it is in danger. Your body is, however, a more truthful indicator than your mind. If symptoms persist despite your rational thoughts, it is important to use a variety of techniques to soothe your body. That is why it is important to train yourself to be aware of the signals from your body.

Denying that stress is there does not make it go away. Stress tends to build and accumulate. If we don’t use some skills to decrease our stress level, we head into the next stressful situation with some leftover stress from the previous situation. Taking time during your day to take a few simple deep breaths, to slow down, stretch and pay attention are all good strategies for keeping stress at a good and manageable level. As you learn to pay attention, there is greater ability to discern between tension and relaxation and there are more options to do something about it.

Some very simple but powerful relaxation techniques include relaxation breathing and short visualizations. These are easy to learn, easy to impliment and easy to maintain as life time practices.

Very interesting research is being done in many scientific domains that show us how much our own thoughts and perceptions create our reality.

Thymus tapping to relieve stress

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