Friday, January 9, 2009

Sex, drugs and rock and roll

Relaxation Tip
Take a minute right now. Take a deep breath. Rotate your shoulders in small gentle circles forward five times and backward five times. Take another deep breath and feel the relaxation.

Loyalist students report that their number one health concerns are drugs and sex. Those two put together often create heartache for young adults. You tend to make choices and decisions sexually that you aren't happy with in the long term when you are "under the influence."
Some students use alcohol and other drugs to feel more at ease in social situations and decrease their stress. Remember though, if you don’t balance your use, you aren’t developing social skills or stress strategies, you are just developing drug habits. Use of any substance is going to be totally up to you. Using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs to deal with stress or just to experiment is your choice. If you think about it, when you are finished drinking or smoking or using, you are still stressed – you haven’t really dealt with the stress. As well, if you are using substances to deal with stress, you miss the opportunity to develop your own personal coping skills. 1. Binge drinking puts you at risk. (Binging is defined as 5 or more drinks in one session.) Every year students who thought it would never happen to them end up with alcohol poisoning. You are particularly at risk when you play drinking games. 2. Party smart and avoid binge drinking. Be creative – party drug and alcohol free. What a concept! 3. Learn to say NO. Don’t be led by the herd mentality. Be clear with yourself about making your own choices. No one makes you do anything at this point in your life. You are free to choose and free to be responsible for yourself.
If you are interested in seeking out other students who are interested in varied and exciting experiences that aren’t defined by alcohol, use our comments sections for ideas. It’s not about total abstinence, just allowing yourself a lot more choices about how often, how much and with whom you choose to drink.

OK so we've talked about sex and drugs. Where's the rock and roll? Well, apparently it will never die so it is out there somewhere. Go find it and enjoy!

At this site you can choose Substance Use to view information and charts about drug effects.

This site offer some good tips for “drinking smarts.” 20 minute video about stress and drugs

This site offers a short animation series about tobacco.

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