Friday, October 19, 2007

Feeling the squeeeeeze

Mid-terms! Major assignments! Group projects! Presentations!

You are now hitting the half-way mark of your semester. Are you starting to have some doubts about your ability to succeed in your post secondary education? There are lots of supports at the College to help you reach your goals

Fear not because fear just is not a helpful emotion at this point. A little stress isn't bad if it is the good kind of stress that motivates you to decide you can skip a TV show or two and maybe reduce the party commitments a little.

Fear itself though, creates a whole series of reactions in your body and brain which do not create an ideal internal situation for clarity of mind!

A few disappointing test results, a bad mark on an assignment? It happens to lots of students. Your best strategy at this point is not to linger and brood on what cannot be changed. Give yourself and your friends some pep talks and move forward. Take good care of yourself and your friends. Make each other good meals. Encourage each other to take time for the gym or a walk. Remind each other to get some sleep. Set up some study group times to encourage each other in staying focused and committed to your goals.

A mind that is anxious or full of fear does not learn easily. Relax your mind. Check out YouTube where you can type in "relaxation" and you will see many options for 5 min, 10 min or half hour relaxations. Or try out the relaxation/meditation every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-12:30 in room 2L26.

If you are finding you really do not understand some of your class work or feel unable to get yourself on track don't forget you have a student success mentor who can help support you and get you ON TRAK. You can book appointment time through Jodie in the Student Success Hub just above the computer lab.

The mentors also offer workshops on time management,coping with stress and notetaking. Check out the workshops remaining for this semester.

October 29 Student Success: Making It Work
4:00 pm in Room 2H16

November 5 Student Success: Making It Work
4:00 pm in Room 2H16
6:30 pm in Rez Common Room

November 12 Student Success: Surviving The Crunch
4:00 pm in Room 2H16
6:30 pm in Rez Common Room

Remember you are not alone here at the college. There are many supports to help you to succeed. We have counselors and a mental health nurse. You can make appointments with them as well through Jodie in the Student Success Hub.

Take a couple of deep breaths, roll your shoulders and let them drop. Another couple of deep breaths and reeeeelax your mind, feed it good food, give it some restful sleep, take it out for some fresh air. It will respond by learning with more ease and allowing you a feeling of peacefulness rather than stress.

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