Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sleep. Who Needs It?

There are so many more interesting things to do with your time than sleep, right? You have classes and assignments and tests. Maybe you have a job as well. You've got to spend some time with friends and have some fun; and staying fit takes some time too. Now, when exactly is there time for this sleep business?

Our culture in general has a sleep debt. Your poor human body unfortunately is not going to let you get away with so little sleep for long. As you get further into the school year, you may notice you have a shorter fuse? Get irritated by very small annoyances? Can't seem to focus for long? Reach for sugary treats of coffee more often to give you a quick boost? Can't get those assignments done as easily as you did before?

Sleep is one of most basic human needs for reeenergizing. Sleeping and eating disorders are becoming more prevalent among college age students.

Most college students fall short when it comes to getting enough sleep. Sleep is a powerful tool for maintaining balance. Sleep deprivation can hurt academic performance and increase stress. Sleep requirements vary for each individual but studies show college students need more than 8 hours/night! No kidding.

Learn to say NO. You won’t be able to do everything. And after a while nothing you do brings you any real satisfaction if you feel a constant sense of fatigue.

I heard a student in the halls last week calling out to a friend as they headed home for the weekend "And don't forget to get some sleep!" What a great friend. We all need those words ringing in our heads reminding us.

You will find some great tips at this site on how to develop some good sleep habits.

Look in the sleep and wellness section on this site.

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