Friday, January 18, 2008

Leave The Pack Behind

Yeah, yeah, I know I should quit but I’m just not ready. It is too hard and I’m stressed out.
Read on….
It is hard to quit. There are lots of good reasons to quit though and each time you read about those good reasons and each time you try to quit brings you closer to the day when you will be free of the habit.

Some of the great benefits of quitting:

1.Your sense of smell and taste improve, mmmm.
2.You look younger since smoking causes wrinkling and premature aging
3.More energy to do the things you love.
4.No more nagging from friends and family!
5.Save money
6.You don’t stink anymore.
7.Brain fog clears since your blood is no longer binding with the carbon monoxide toxins from the cigarette smoke.

It is hard to kick the habit but you can certainly find lots of help and support from your friends.

Loyalist is part of a province wide initiative created at Brock University. It was developed by students for students. The initiative is called Leave The Pack Behind and the website is very funky – it offers on-line week by week strategies to help you quit.

You can grab one of the nifty packages they developed. These are available at Mind and Wellness Services in the Student Success Hub.
You can also see our display in the cafeteria and grab some of the helpful literature there.

Great interactive site developed by university students to help other students quit.

This site has a lot of information on how to support yourself while quitting – how to work towards a quitting date, dealing with the stress and withdrawal, etc.

Lots of tips and strategies here to support you in quitting.

This site will show you how to calculate how much of your hard earned money is spent on the habit.

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