Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Smart to be Happy

Another day of classes is over but you have assignments due and tests to study for ; your brain is overloaded, you feel overwhelmed and tired. And tomorrow will be the same.

Creating a good life for yourself requires learning to balance each of the aspects that make up a human being. This includes physical, emotional, mental and emotional health. Form positive habits starting now.

Thoughts of failure and repeated procrastination actually cause chemical and electrical signals in the body that put your body in “protect” mode rather than “growth and integration.” That literally means that if you feel stressed the blood is flowing to the back of your brain and not to the lobes that help you learn and retain new information. So, making sure you are working with a brain that is relaxed and happy makes you smarter!

Being organized to get tasks done, alternating study with short breaks to stretch or get some water and taking time out for fun, physical activity and relaxation all promote learning.

Getting great marks but ignoring the important relationships in your life; being extremely physically fit but not leaving time to nurture friendships or spend quiet, reflective time to nourish the spirit leaves you feeling unbalanced.

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