Friday, April 4, 2008

Fresh Starts

Spring is a great time for a fresh start – shake up your life with a new healthy recipe or exercise. Maybe some spring cleaning to declutter your space.

As the days lengthen, your body just naturally feels a new zip - well maybe for you students this is a bit mixed with the craziness of final assignments and exams.

It is a good time to set new resolutions in motion. The energy is rising as the earth starts to blossom in this corner of the globe. Ride that energy wave to strengthen some of your own resolves.

Maybe you want to quit smoking, become more environmentally friendly, take up an activity, get rid of junk you no longer need, treat your body better by feeding it well, drink less, smile more, or just quit trying to make any improvements and accept yourself and your life exactly the way it is!!!!

Good luck with finals and with whatever resolves you make for yourself.

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